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Think back to the previous day, week, or month. How many words did you put down on paper? If you have to really think about it or you feel guilty about how your progress has been, now is the time t...

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Review: The Obsidians

2 min read

I had the pleasure of reading C.G. Barrie's debut novel and I was not disappointed. If you are a sci-fi fan, this book is a great choice for you. What is it about?

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Guest Blogger: Scott Morro

6 min read

When it comes to the keys to great storytelling, I practice what I preach.  Actually, I practice what I teach.

My students know that in addition to teaching them the finer point...

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What you need to know as a new writer

3 min read

As a brand new writer, we often start out with the highest of ambitions. Dreams of being recognized for our hard efforts. Speaking as someone who has been in your shoes, I thought you should know t...

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Paper Castles by B. Fox

4 out of 5 stars

Set during the Great Recession, James Brooke is a lonely out-of-work architect in his late 20s living at home with his father. H...

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