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How do you pull in your readers?

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How many writers have sat in the very spot you find yourself in right now is unknown. To feel as if you have hit a wall when it comes to finding your audience, to finding readers. It's easy to beco...

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If you have been following my blog, you may have seen the spotlight on another author, Melissa Rose Rodgers, for the Decagon Key. This anthology is expected to drop in September, courtesy of Night...

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Helping Your Story Grow

2 min read

Every writer's journey is different. Some writers decide to write stories for their own leisure, while others publish one book and never write another. Then there are writers who are in there for t...

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Melissa Rose Rodgers

Just next month Night Foundry Publishing will be releasing an Anthology called The Decagon Key. This anthology contains 12 authors, including myself, who submitted a short story based on their own...

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It is truly a rush as you finally click that publish button for your book. Whether you are self-publishing or traditionally publishing, taking the final step of getting your story in front of reade...

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