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Being an Indie Author means every review counts, and book bloggers can have a lot of impact.

Now that I have been a writer for a...

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The Backup Who Cried Wolf Sneak Peek

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Here is a sneak peek of the latest installment of The Backup Superhero Series, The Backup Who Cried Wolf. I hope you enjoy a look at the first chapter!

The Backup W...

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I was offered a few contracts that unfortunately fell through, but through the process, I gained valuable experience.

One of the...

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Having written in YA Dystopian, YA Contemporary Romance, and Superhero fiction, when my idea for a children’s picture book came to be, it was a whole other ballpark.

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Despite being ready for thousands of strangers to read our work, we often fear the opinions of those close to us.

As sad a fact as that is, it rings so much truth.


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