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They Walk Among Us Cover Image

They Walk Among Us

Book 1 of Malarkey's Anthologies

By Kayla Hicks, Ross Young, Melissa Rose Rogers, SJ Covey, Peter James Martin, NT Anderson, Evelyn Chartres, Rose J Fairchild, Jon Ford, Chris Hooley, Samantha Kroese, Halo Scot, A.C. Merkel

Thirteen stories of magic and mystery reveal things that exist if you're prepared to scratch the surface of reality. Within these words, you will find witches, demons, ghosts, vampires, angels, werewolves, centaurs, dragons, and creatures of the night, it's a monstrous menagerie to cause delight.

From thirteen different authors, we bring you tales of those things that walk among us. The inexplicable, the strange, and perhaps deranged. What lies behind the everyday mundane reality that coats our world in a veneer of easy-to-digest simplicity? We bring you tales that just might be true, to enable you to see things anew.

Be warned, not all are for the faint of heart. There lies within; violence, death, adult content, and horror elements.

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I saw this posted in someones Twitter feed and I'm glad I did! This was a great compilation of stories about spirits, myths, monsters, legendary beings and other things that go bump in the night. I was familiar with Evelyn Chartres and Peter James Martin, but the other eleven authors were all new to me. I don't want to give away too much about any of the individual stories. That would take away from the fun of reading them yourself. This is more a review of the entire book. A few of the stories seemed similar, like the kind of stories you would listen to sitting around a campfire. Scary and fun, but each a little different. Some were wild and over the top, but still enjoyable and well written. A couple really stood out, because they didn't go where I expected them to go. Many of them put a smile on my face. I'm reluctant to use the term best when it comes to these stories. That word is subjective, and does a disservice to all the wonderful tales in this anthology. However, there was one story that hit me like a gut punch. That story was Saviour of the Lost by Samantha Kroese. It was only seven pages, but I've read it at least five times now, and I must admit, twice I've gotten a little teary eyed reading it. Well done!! This anthology could easily be read at one sitting. Or a few stories here and there between reading novels. Think appetizers and desserts between entrées ;)

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  • Kayla Hicks Profile Image

    Kayla Hicks

    You can find Hicks outdoors with her husband and daughter, her nose in a good book, or playing video games. Some of her favorite books include Under the Never Sky, 28 and a Half Wishes, and anything by Colleen Hoover. Writing however is her greatest passion and has been since high school. Hicks is also the author of Kale Stone: An Outliers Tale available on Amazon.You can find Hicks outdoors with her husband and daughter, her nose in a good book, or playing video games. Some of her favorite books include Under the Never Sky, 28 and a Half Wishes, and anything by Colleen Hoover. Writing however is her greatest passion and has been since high school. Hicks is also the author of Kale Stone: An Outliers Tale available on Amazon.

  • Ross Young Profile Image

    Ross Young

    Ross Young was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne in a hospital that has since been knocked down. He spent his childhood in a variety of international locales and uses this fact to affect an air of the windswept and interesting, badly. He enjoys diving and travelling and has lived and worked in various interesting places.

    Dead Heads is his debut novel and forms part of a series of books set in the city of Gloomwood. He does not write from experience as, despite his appearance and demeanour, he is not dead. You can find him @rossyoungsulk on twitter.

  • SJ Covey Profile Image

    SJ Covey

    SJ Covey lives in Penistone with her husband and their Labrador. Her debut novel, book 1 FamiLIES, of the YA fantasy series The Order, is soon to be released, with further books in the series to follow at a later date.

    SJ recently won FLAMETREE PRESS–BEST ORIGINAL HORROR for her short story, Grace me with your presence. You may recognise one of the characters from this anthology, he has blue eyes.

    @BILIGRATES is a stand alone short story.

  • Peter James Martin Profile Image

    Peter James Martin

    Peter James Martin is Teesside born and bred, having spent all his life so far in the quiet town of Thornaby on Tees, which is nestled snuggly right next to the River Tees. When he’s not writing he’s spending his days with his family, surviving the rigours of two boys and two Shih Tzu dogs.

  • NT Anderson Profile Image

    NT Anderson

    NT Anderson is a published author of steamy romance and the co-founder of the publishing imprint Tepris Press. A lifelong lover of the written word, she spent years working in hospitality, restaurant management, and even pole dancing before becoming a full-time writer in 2009. Nikki's first trilogy, The Acts Series, was released in 2021/2022. More books

    will be forthcoming in 2023.

    In addition to writing, Nikki is also a radio presenter with a catalog of shows for the UK-based audio production company One Flower Two Turtles that can be found on mixcloud/com/NaturallyTwisted.

    She currently lives in the Endless Mountain region of Pennsylvania. When she isn't writing, Nikki can usually be found keeping odd hours, spending time with family and friends, talking to the characters in her head via candlelight, and plotting her next adventure. Several furbabies keep her on her toes, including two spoiled dogs, a pudgy cat, and a feisty horse.

    She fancies herself to be a pirate, especially on Saturday nights when she breaks out the rum.

  • Evelyn Chartres Profile Image

    Evelyn Chartres

    Evelyn Chartres is the nom de plume for a self-published Canadian author. The writer of seven Gothic fantasy novels, Evelyn released her debut novel, The Portrait, in 2016, and her latest, Dark Hearts, in 2022.

    A fan of the phrase “live to eat,” Evelyn shares her recipes on this website. These recipes have a loose focus on French-Canadian cuisine, which feature deep-dish meat pies, seafood, and desserts that are rarely seen outside of La Belle Province.

    Evelyn is currently living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and is busy laying the foundations for her next book featuring Clara Grey.

  • Rose J Fairchild Profile Image

    Rose J Fairchild

    Rose lives in Upstate New York with her family and furry companions. She is a clerk at a local library and adores creating programs for her “Library Littles.” Currently, Rose is working on a retelling of “Beauty and the Beast” called “Between Feather and Flame.” It s a thorny take on “Beauty and the Beast” with a dash of heat from a feisty main character based on her late grandmother. Rose’s grandmother and daughter have been her greatest muses. It has been thrilling to include some of her Gram’s real-life adventures in her novel, and she looks forward to sharing it with the world.

  • Jon Ford Profile Image

    Jon Ford

    Jon Ford lives in Worcestershire, UK.

    He lives with his awesome Wifey, their lovable puppy, Vixen, and the demonic hell-puppy, Lyssa. They all live under the watchful gaze of their cat-overlords Lana and Gale.

    No awards to brag about, but he's working on it.

    Currently writing two series of books.

    The Ballad of the Songbird is an urban fantasy saga with sci-fi overtones. Book 1 ‘Hunters’ and book 2 ‘Blood to Earth’ are out now. Book 3 ‘Tooth & Claw’ will be mid-2023.

    The Femme Fatales is an ongoing sci-fi superhero series. Book 1 ‘The Scorched Sky’ and a tie-in novella ‘Knightingale’ are out now. Book 2 ‘The Broken Ground’ will be out later in 2023.

  • Samantha Kroese Profile Image

    Samantha Kroese

    Samantha Kroese is the author of published Dark Fantasy novels including the best-selling Fading Lights Trilogy (Forbidden, Unspoken, Taboo). She has also written the Assassins of Dakaal series (Regret, Ladykiller, and Niyx) and the villain POV novels Restless Dreams of Darkness and The Darkest Sword. She loves to write dark tales about hope surviving against impossible odds and brings a refreshing perspective to the genre. From a young age, her goal has been to write stories that will shine the light of hope for those living in the abyss. She has been writing fiction for nearly thirty years, ran a fantasy writer’s critique circle for fifteen years, and has edited works for other authors. She has completed writing dozens of fantasy novels and created thousands of detailed characters. She hopes to be able to present most of them to her reading public in due course.

    Samantha is also an avid life-long gamer who enjoys story-driven role-playing video games. A big fan of comic books and superheroes, she enjoys exploring tales of characters who are larger than life and the ordinary people who interact with them. In addition to writing, she is an avid horse lover and an animal rescue advocate, often speaking out for horse rescue and feral cat causes. She writes from the frozen tundra of Minnesota where she lives with her Arabian stallion, that she is convinced is really a unicorn, and her army of delightful rescued cat minions.

  • Halo Scot Profile Image

    Halo Scot

    Halo Scot is a dark fiction author of book monsters, many of which bite. Reviews and press are available on HaloScot.com. Halo has been featured in Publishers Weekly and BookLife. Also, as a founding member of QueerIndie.com, Scot has appeared at Brooklyn Book Festival and Pop Pride Week, an event hosted by ReedPop, BookCon, and New York Comic Con.

    Halo pretends to be cool, dark, and mysterious, when in reality, Scot is a clumsy and awkward creature who eats shadows and harbors a severe distrust of ladybugs. Prone to chaos, this nightmare-dwelling beast aims to achieve galactic domination through a void-screaming expertise, dormant telekinesis, and aggressive cackling. To summon this obscure and skittish writer, one must align the following items in a circle as an offering: three shots of whiskey, two bowls of jelly beans, something shiny or lit on fire, and a printed photo of Nicolas Cage as a duck.

  • A.C. Merkel Profile Image

    A.C. Merkel

    A.C. Merkel is the Author/Creator of Her Name Is Murder series and Witch VS. Witch.

    Merkel creates characters you'll love by infusing stories with empathy, magic, wonder, music and inclusivity.

    A.C. is a founding member of https://Queerindie.com

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