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The Backup Who Cried Wolf

Book 3 of The Backup Superhero series

The Backup Who Cried Wolf Cover

Backup superhero Dwighter's hopes and dreams felt dead in their tracks the day he was placed as a Level D superhero. Among the superhero community, he is known as the drunk backup superhero that no one can count on.

One night, however, Dwighter's luck changes when he overhears two backup superheroes discussing a plan to cross over to the criminal world. The only problem is, when Dwighter tries to tell Tanser Girl what he overheard, he's questioned and speculated as to how drunk he was when he overheard it.

Now Dwighter needs to prove himself and uncover a plan that could give all backup superheroes in Level D a bad name in order to show everyone he's more than the alcohol that controls him.

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