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Review: The Photographer

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So, it just so happened that I went to the bookstore for the first time in so long and during my perusing, I came across the book The Photographer by Mary Dixie Carter. First, let's find out what it's about.

The Photographer:


As a photographer, Delta Dawn observes the seemingly perfect lives of New York City’s elite: snapping photos of their children’s birthday parties, transforming images of stiff hugs and tear-stained faces into visions of pure joy, and creating moments these parents long for.


But when Delta is hired for Natalie Straub’s eleventh birthday, she finds herself wishing she wasn’t behind the lens but a part of the scene—in the Straub family’s gorgeous home and elegant life.


That’s when Delta puts her plan in place, by babysitting for Natalie; befriending her mother, Amelia; finding chances to listen to her father, Fritz. Soon she’s bathing in the master bathtub, drinking their expensive wine, and eyeing the beautifully finished garden apartment in their townhouse. It seems she can never get close enough until she discovers that photos aren’t all she can manipulate.

My Review:

What caught my interest first was how one of the reviews compared The Photographer to the show You on Netflix. I found the character, Joe, in the show You very interesting because despite being a person who committed terrible acts, he is someone who gets the audience to root for him and it piqued my curiosity as to if this character Delta Dawn would come across the same.

We find Delta Dawn photographing a family party at the elegant Shaub's house. Delta seems to be s normal person, normal life. She tells people she is divorced, her ex-husband and son living in California, and how her job is to photograph events. Everything seems to add up and be believable until the night she sits down to talk to the Shaub's. That's when we truly start to learn more about the real Delta Dawn and her true intentions.

I admit I was surprised as the story unraveled, but all in all, I felt the story needed a little more umph. As creepy as Delta Dawn came off, and as weird as it was how much she was able to fabricate about her life, I was waiting for something bigger to happen overall throughout the story. It was an interesting read overall, with surprises but nothing groundbreaking for me.

I don't want to give away any spoilers, so I will leave the review at that. My review for The Photographer is a four-star review.

If you are interested in reading it for yourself, you can get The Photographer here.