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Review: One Good Thing

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I had the opportunity to read this book a few months back and now that I can post my reviews on here, let's find out what One Good Thing by Katy Dyers is about.

One Good Thing:

A tale of love and loss, sisterhood, and the seaside, ONE GOOD THING is a multicultural second chance romance with a quirky cast of characters you’re sure to fall in love with.

Thirtysomething Rae Logan might never be quite Polish enough to please her mother, and she just can’t seem to get past chapter five of the terrible novel she’s writing, but at least she’s got one good thing in her life; her fiancé Simon.

But all that changes when she walks in on her husband-to-be in a compromising position with the bombshell next door, and she leaves everything behind to escape to her sanctuary, the converted water mill by the sea where her mother’s long-lost sister Nush lives.

Rae might be broken now, but it doesn’t take long for the curious charms of Blackston Bay and Nush’s magical lemon tea to put her back together. But Nush’s lemon tea typically comes served with a slice of outrageous gossip and wild rumour, and when Rae reconnects with an old flame, she doesn’t know which of Nush’s stories she can believe, especially when she discovers that Nush has a few secrets of her own…

My Review:

What I loved about this story was the author's ability to talk about a person settling in terms of romance. You get what you need but not what you want...until one day, an old love comes back into the picture causing you to question all your choices up until this point. I found this an interesting topic, to say the least, as most romances are typically centered around lust, a new love, or just rekindling an old flame. The topic of someone settling for something comfortable but not fulfilling is a unique take on love.

Dyers shines with descriptive storytelling that allows you to feel like you are there with the characters, amazing relationship-building between characters (like a reality of the falling out of a relationship with a parent) and so much more.

This is definitely worth the read and will keep you turning the pages! I gave this a five-star rating and I hope you love it as much as I did.

Want to read it for yourself? You get your copy of One Good Thing here.