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Finding a Literary Agent

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As I have talked about before. Finding a literary agent is part of the process of getting published. I currently have some trusted beta readers reading my next novel allowing me to focus on finding a literary agent. So I was curious as to how to find the right literary agent for me. After some research, I found out how.

1. Do your research: This is as simple as googling the words literary agent or being more specific and entering the words fantasy literary agent. This is where you start. Choose the one that suits you best and browse the various kinds of literary agents that there are. You want to find a literary agent that best suits your needs. Many agents will tell you what their interests are and what they specialize in.

When searching for agents there are numerous places that break things down for you, simplifying your search a little more. Some of these include Reedsy, Query Tracker, and Manuscript Wishlist.

2. Narrow the search: So you have searched high and low and have come across some candidates that seem like they can fit your needs. This is where you narrow the search. What agent specializes in your genre? Which agent has helped other authors in your bracket get published? Go through the list you have made and narrow it down to the ones that best suit you.

3. Last but not least… a query letter: You have made your list of potential agents and are pretty confident you will at least snag one. How do we do this? This is where a query letter comes into play. This is where your writing skills come in handy. You will need to sell yourself and your book to the agent. Now, make sure you look over their query requirements, as some require a certain amount of pages of your book or a chapter to get a feel for your book. Make sure whatever you send them with your query letter is proofread or edited and ready to go.

I am on a journey to find a literary agent as I’m sure you are. Take your time and don’t be discourage if the top agents you want on your list don’t accept you. There are tons of great agents out there that will help you get your novel noticed. Be confident and believe in your work and someone else will too.