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Interview: Author Kelly Noll

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Hello everyone! I am happy to have a special blog post for you all today, I am going to be looking to interview authors and pick their brains for your benefit. For this post, we get to talk with new author Kelly Noll about her experience with the publishing process. Previously I posted about my own experience having published my book through a self-publishing tool called Createspace provided by Amazon. For a look at this post again for additional information you can check this link here:

The Publishing Part

Now Kelly Noll has her book A Day At The Track available on Amazon. A Day At The Track is a children’s book about Motorcross that shows children all aspects of the sport. The book details how a race is conducted, the parts of the bikes and even the gear that the riders wear. Children as young as preschool will enjoy reading this and learning how the bikes work. You can find it here at the link provided below:

I was interested in other methods of becoming a published author besides self-publishing. Kelly was able to become a published author through a publisher. This was much different from how I myself went the self-publishing route.

Q: So first and foremost every author has a drive or a creative inspiration that helps them to create the wonderful novel, book, or piece of writing that they do. What was your inspiration or what drove you to write this particular children’s book?

A: My book is called A Day At the Track, which is a factual book about youth motocross. My son raced motocross since he was young. He was very passionate about the sport, and always liked telling people about it. However, there were very few quality books about the sport available for children.

Q: As mentioned before in an earlier post of my blog there are different publishing routes that you can choose as an author, self-publishing or the traditional publishing route. What publishing route did you choose to go with and did you learn anything from this?

A: I choose a small, independent publisher or rather, she choose me when she found out I enjoyed writing! I did not have to put out any money, but did not receive an advance, either. Marketing was done by both of us. I had full creative control over the final product. She helped me break into a selective market as an unknown author and for that I am very grateful.

Many authors put more money out when choosing the self-publishing route dependent upon which type of service you use. Now not to say this is a bad route to choose, it can be a very lucrative choice enabling authors to break into the writing world if they cannot get accepted by a publisher or would like to speed up the process. Some of the perks to having a publisher on your side is the ability to have some funds to get your book to where it needs to be.

Q: That of course leads us to our next question, how did she promote herself as an author?

A: We have it listed on the publisher's facebook page and website and I have an author's facebook page. I have a page on Lancaster County Writer's Group website. It is listed on Amazon. I attended a sign and sell at a library and an event at Clipper Stadium. I held my launch party at the local motocross track.

Here she provides great examples of both having a good spread of social media presence, places to find her book as well as public appearances. This is crucial when trying to market yourself for readers and being available for questions, sales and meet and greets.

Q: Do you have any advice for us or other aspiring authors?

A: Don't give up! Keep writing, keep trying, keep working on it. Find other writers to connect with. Let others know about your passion for writing, it may lead to avenues you would have never guessed.

Q: Last but not least authors always have other projects on their minds or in the works even if they are currently working on a project. Is there anything that you are currently working on?

A: I am working on an adult novel in which modern-day Americans are living under martial law. This leads to a war when the citizens eventually fight back. At its heart it is a story about a family caught up in these extreme circumstances. I am also working on several other children's book projects.

I know I am excited for anything else that Kelly Noll is sending our way. I would like to send a big thank you to Kelly for taking the time and allowing us to do this interview. I am so grateful to give aspiring authors a different take on the publishing process and hope that this helps you, the reader, to move your projects forward.

Check out Kelly’s Authors Page on Facebook for more information: