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When Authors Plan Out Their Projects and Schedule Their Releases Ahead, They Can Have Stronger Book Launches

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Instead of rushing to publish their work, if authors took the time to plan ahead, they could better prepare their marketing for each book launch

Once authors put those final touches on their work in progress, it's natural for them to want to push it out of the nest and get it to readers.


Because authors read, tweak, re-read, and then edit their work repeatedly before readers finally get their hands on it. So once the book finally feels finished, authors are ready to earn recognition for all of their hard work. But, what if the process became even slower?

Just hear me out.

What if authors worked on a few projects and created a release schedule that would be provided to social media, their website, and their newsletters?

The truth is, it’s hard to do.

To work on several books and then hold onto them until a particular date for readers to see. However, what if the downtime this schedule provided you were utilized to create marketing content, obtain book bloggers and reviewers, and schedule blog tours?

I tried this myself and so far it has proven to be a useful process:

I released this schedule to my social media, newsletter, and blog for readers to see what I had coming up. And, I was surprised at how people responded.

Many people commented saying they were excited about a particular book or that they would look out for updates.

What the release times did for me, was help me plan out my marketing and creation schedule.

As books were finished, I could take their marketing and promotion load off of my workload and start creating a new book in its place.

Following through with a rotating cycle like this, however, requires dedication and planning. By dedication, I’m talking about making time to write and create every day. By planning, I mean creating a schedule to complete each of your tasks.

Once you achieve following through with your dedication and planning, you begin to form a habit.

Remember that sometimes the best things come to those who wait…and in this case plan ahead.

By avoiding the rush to publish, you can truly build the momentum you need to achieve a successful book launch. By avoiding the rush to publish, you can really connect with readers and talk about your books in depth before they release. And by avoiding the rush to publish, you begin to put a process in place that will help you build a platform for yourself.

Remain dedicated, plan ahead, take your time, and you will achieve great things.