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A Boy and A Rat: A Kayla Hicks Book Review

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For a long time now, I have been following Peter James Martins's characters, Brennan and Riz's shenanigans. If you know him on Twitter, you know his VSS posts which give followers a daily dose of Brennan and Riz, and they never disappoint.

I was asked to be an ARC reader for Peter James Martins's newest book, A Boy and A Rat, and I was not disappointed.

What is it about?

The story of how a boy and a rat met... and how their magical adventures began.

With the human race under threat from an evil Fae overlord, it falls to Brennan, a teenage boy from Thornaby-on-Tees, to step up and fight.

The only problem is he has to do it with Riz, a talking rat with darker origins than Brennan could ever realise...

Based on real folklore and real locations, combined with witty characters and a dry dynamic between Brennan and Riz, the debut novel from Peter James Martin is packed with the familiar and the unusual.

“Charismatic, lots of fun, and I love the interplay between Brennan and Riz. Riz is brilliant!”

“Funny, new, snappy, and totally addictive.”

My review:

Having been a fan of Brennan and Riz for years now, I'd wondered how they got their start. How they met. And even how they became the duo I know them to be.

The story focuses on Brennan in his teenage years who realizes that the fate of the world is in his hands, and he only has Riz to aid him. A talking rat who goes on to be Brennan's closest companion.

Martin does a fabulous job of combining humor and an engaging storyline that kept me turning the pages until the very end. At some portions, I was laughing out loud. His description of locations is on point and his writing shines in areas of story and character development.

Readers who would be interested in this would be fans of Supernatural and Grim.

I would give this a 5-star review.

Where can you find it?

A Boy and A Rat by Peter James Martin