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Writing What You Love Will Lead You to Create Better Content

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As important as it is to create content that interests readers, authors need to create content they enjoy as well

Just poking around the internet, authors will soon realize that the writing world is divided between writing to the market and writing what you love.

This constant divide comes from writers with experiences in traditional and self-publishing.

The traditional publishing world has been solely focused on publishing content that adheres to the market in order to earn money back for their expenses. However, their method has worked for the market for as long as we all can remember. And many readers take the traditional publishing world's opinion very seriously because of this.

Once the self-publishing world began to open up, new types of books began to flood the market.

Writers in the self-publishing realm began to publish works that aligned more with their interests. These were books that the authors loved writing but weren’t always making it on the market. In addition to the fact that readers were skeptical that authors could go straight to publishing without gatekeepers approving along the way, they also weren’t used to the new types of books becoming available.

Now that authors have more options to publish their work, the question is, what should authors be publishing?

This comes down to three things: the genre, the story, and the writer's interest.

As important as it is to write a story that you love to write, it is just as important to write a story that readers are going to see. So meet in the middle of both concepts, take your story idea and search the market for your genre and concept. What aspects of your story are going to appeal to your target audience and how are you going to use these aspects to draw them in?

It is possible to write the story that you love and figure out what portions of it are going to appeal to the market and your target audience.

For more about this, check out Finding Your Target Audience.

At the heart of every writer is a good story.

Keeping both a good story and the aspect of the market in mind when writing is only going to help your wonderful work be seen by readers.