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How Indie Authors Gain Access to Libraries

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One of the toughest feats for indie authors is getting their books into libraries

When authors become published through traditional publishing, their publisher automatically submits the book to the library of congress.

This is the way that authors get their books into the library.

It sounds easy enough, right? Well — in reality, it is actually quite a difficult process. And for indie authors, it's even more difficult.

The section to actually submit your books to the library of congress is quite hard to find. Here is the link.

However, there is another possibility out there for indie authors.

I recently came across The Indie Author Project.

This is a program dedicated to connecting indie authors with libraries and readers.

The program has asked libraries around the US if they would be willing to be part of the program in which authors submit to The Indie Author Program, select their local library, and the program reviews their submission. And the list of libraries willing to be part of the program is long.

The program also offers contests for authors to submit to as well.

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After discovering this program, I’m happy to know that there are libraries out there willing to give indie authors a chance.

The self-publishing market is growing in popularity.

Statista, through their amazing Worldometers website, tells us that 2021 saw 2.2 million new book titles published globally this year (2539 so far today, at time of checking!) — https://selfpublishingadvice.org/

My hope for self-published authors is for libraries to start opening their doors to our books. However, this being said, I wish this for authors who take the necessary steps to create a professional product. Ones that are professionally edited and developed.

Because just like traditionally published books, self-published authors are doing just as much, if not more work.

Whether you try the Library of Congress or The Indie Author Project, I hope you are able to gain access to libraries.

Libraries are one of the best ways to reach a new set of readers.

Readers who don’t always purchase books. Readers who can’t afford to purchase books. And readers who will tell others about your books.

However you manage to gain access, I wish you the best of luck.