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How Networking with Bloggers, Authors, and Reviewers Furthers Your Career as an Author

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Eight years ago when I started my writing career, I wouldn’t have even dreamed I would have had the chance to meet as many writers, bloggers, and reviewers as I know now

As a writer, you are going to make a lot of connections along the way.

I will always admit that I am no expert in anything. I learn a lot, I know a lot now, but I can always still learn.

Throughout your journey as a writer, you are going to befriend bloggers, book reviewers, other writers, and even podcasters. All of which are going to have a hand in the journey to your success as an author.

Many authors feel as if they need to go on the journey alone to reach success.

It doesn’t have to be a lonely journey

As writers, we have a habit of being solitary creatures.

We immerse ourselves with our characters and storylines, building brick upon brick. I know this all too well.

However, it doesn’t have to be a lonely journey. There are other people out there in the writing community with who you can connect and find real friendship.

Take the time to connect.

When you take the time to connect and engage with those around you, both in real life and on the internet, you open possibilities.

Instead of liking the comment someone left on your social media post, engage in a conversation. Instead of sharing someone’s post and moving on, start a conversation about how much it resonated with you and why! When you make the effort to connect and engage, you meet some amazing people and learn from their different perspectives.

There are several realms of the writing world you will encounter.

Writers and Authors:

Little by little, we all start to find other writers and authors.

This happens while you’re building your platform via social media. This happens when you’re at a critique group. And this also happens in general life happenstance.

The more writers that I met, the less I felt alone.

As I started networking with other authors, I realized that the time I spent alone at the beginning of my career stepping stone in the natural progression to having a full-fledged writing career. But now, I had people to talk to about my ups, downs, and triumphs. And just this little assurance meant the world.

Having someone else know exactly what you’re going through is crucial to your own career moving forward.

Each of these people had a hand in furthering my career by:

  • Teaching me something new about publishing, writing, or audience building

  • Telling other people about me

  • Sharing my promotions or news

Book Bloggers and Reviewers:

There are more book bloggers than I imagined out there, but it takes research to find the right fit for your book.

Some book bloggers aren’t open to submissions from authors for reviews because they enjoy simply finding what interests them and writing reviews about those specific books. Once you start looking around these bloggers’ sites, you will know this is the case if there isn’t a review policy or contact me section. It’s not often that I come across them, but it happens.

But for those who do accept submissions, are often overwhelmed by the volume they receive.

From my experience so far, you want to build a relationship with them first. As much as they appreciate people coming to them asking for reviews, it’s nice to know that you can return the favor in some way. Here are some ways to do so.

  • Follow on social media

  • Subscribe to their newsletter

  • Share their content

  • Comment on their posts

Book bloggers hold a ton of influence and power.

Even the smallest book blogger holds power over readership.

The fact that someone who reviews books for a living wanted to review yours means a lot. And every potential reader that comes across their review is going to consider reading your work based on this. Not to mention the readers who already follow their book blog.

This is also why you need to offer to promote their site and send them a free copy of the book.

When you are considering what book bloggers to reach out to, building a relationship with them first is important. This doesn’t mean a hasty few likes on their posts a week before you contact them either.

Taking the time to research who would be a good fit to read your book is essential. And this can be done by reading through their reviews and reviewing policy statements. Believe it or not, too many authors don’t do this.

You can learn a lot about the reviewer this way.

Comb through their website to see what all they have to offer readers and authors. You can see who they affiliate with and find out where else they are through social media. Taking the time to do this will benefit you.

Podcasters/ Vloggers:

These are people reaching an entirely different section of users/ readers that you aren’t yet.

By partnering with podcasters and vloggers, you are talking about your process, brand, and books in much more depth. And their listeners/ watchers are dedicated to these people and are going to be interested in what you have to say.

Always remember to do your part to support these awesome people.

Do Your Part:

Sharing their reviews and their site helps a ton.

It helps your readers find your future reviews and new books. It helps the blogger/podcaster/ author widen their audience to a new pool of readers as well.

When you network and meet more people in the writing world, you enhance your chances of future opportunities and success.