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How writers grow into their writing style

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Every writer is remembered in some way, and I believe it has to do with their writing style.

Your writing style is just like having a signature.

A signature is unique to the person, right?

I have to believe that this rings true in terms of writing. When writers develop their own writing style, it's unique to them. We each have our own spins on things that set us apart from others.

But the question is, what is yours?

It takes a body of work until you start to see a pattern in your writing style.

Like many other things, your style is revealed with time.

It shows in the way we structure sentences. The way we display conversations and dialogue. It also shows in the way we present our stories and characters to our readers.

What does this pattern look like?

Just like a genre stays to a specific pattern or style, so do writers. Some pepper their stories with humor, while others paint their characters in constant gloom in doom. Even romance writers have a tendency to paint a similar picture throughout their stories.

Once you begin to create a body of work, you can start to see the aspects you recreate and put into all of your work.

Once you find your style, readers will start to recognize you for it.

If you can’t figure out your own style yet, think of your favorite authors in terms of tone and style.

Once the reviews start to come in, you will start to see what they recognize in your writing. We oftentimes don’t realize something about our own writing until someone else points it out. This is when you know your styles and tone are resonating with readers.

When I released my story, The Backup Superhero, I hadn’t realized I’d put as much humor in it until readers started pointing it out.


This was an eye-opening experience when I released the second book.

It was based on another character in the series, which called for a different tone. I still had humor, but it wasn’t as lighthearted as The Backup Superhero, and readers noticed. As much as they still loved the story, they were eager for it to pivot back to a lighter point of view they had experienced with Tanser Girl.

Once you find your writing style, writing becomes easier.

As soon as you find your groove in terms of style, you find a formula for yourself in a way, and this translates to writing becoming easier.

Why is that? Because writers strive to find their rhythm so they can create stories that readers love. The faster they can determine what they are going to be presenting to readers, the easier it becomes to get the content out.

And that is what it’s all about.

Finding your style isn’t easy, but with hard work and taking the time to notice your habits, it can be found.