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Build your indie author brand with an author platform

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As an indie author, building a brand is difficult.

Setting yourself up for success

If you had the possibility to build a foundation that would draw in your audience, would you build it?

Many authors don't consider what building an author platform could do for them. How it can open avenues for readers to find you and your work.

Imagine your brand like a tree. You, the author, are the trunk of a tree and your branches are how readers find you.

  • Branch one is an author's website. This is the home base for you and your work. Readers can find updates from you, your works/ content, and possibly a blog.

  • Branch two is your social media. The twigs are Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Facebook, and Tik Tok. This is how readers are going to find daily updates from you.

  • Branch three is any other opportunities you create to connect with potential readers. This could look like courses you create or informative YouTube videos.

When you picture your platform, I want you to imagine it as a way that you create ways for readers to find you and the content you create.

What you need to remember

When you start building this platform, the key is consistency.

What do I mean about consistency? I mean regularly posting on social media. I mean keeping your website up to date. I mean being consistent in building this platform of yours.

If you aren't creating ways for your audience to find you, then who will?