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The Dream of Being a Writer

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Whatever the reason it was that caused you to become a writer, something occurred to create this drive within you.

What I have come to understand in the seven years or so I have been part of the writing community is that every writer has their own goals and definitions of success that pertain to the dream of being a writer.

While some write purely for the joy of writing, others write for pennies or the big bucks (which is much rarer). Some strive and dig in their heels as they slowly board readers onto their subscription list. Then there are some writers that simply give up after years of full sprinting towards a goal of theirs they never managed to reach.

During my own writing career, I am happy to say that my goals have stayed mostly the same. My goal is simply to gain readers and have someone enjoy my story. Is it disheartening to check my book sales only to see a scattered sale here and there? Absolutely! Do I wish that I had people tweeting about my books and anticipating the next one? Hell yes!

Reality check? I have come to realize that writing is a hobby that takes time to grow a following. I have also come to realize that when I give it my all each and every day, I have one more person knowing my name than I had before. Is it groundbreaking? No. Is it progress? Yes!!!!

I made myself a promise that I wouldn't let sales impede my love for writing, for creating stories that not only I enjoy reading but others will too. But I also promised myself that I will try my best to keep learning and keep growing my small group of readers to be as big as they can be, and that's all I can do.

I try to remember why I started writing in the first place. Trying to escape from a tough home life, I would hop from one book to the next, which eventually grew into a need to write my own stories so someone else could have that same chance. And now, writing is one of my favorite times of the day. The chance to sit down and create characters and worlds that readers resonate with and immerse themselves into.

The point is, whatever your goals are to achieve your definition of being a writer, don't let your love of writing fizzle.