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Let's Break Down: The Original Superheroes

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If you loved reading The Backup Superhero, I hope you are ready for the next installment. The Original Superheroes.

First and foremost, the book took a left turn and took even me by surprise. When readers left The Backup Superhero, we found Frank and Seed discussing the possibility of Frank being called back to help The Superhero League. What did this mean? Why would the Superhero League want Frank? We were originally led to believe he was simply no more than a barkeep who had a black book of handy contacts. However, readers were left with questions as to why Frank had such a lavish apartment above an old bar, and how he came to possess these unique contacts.

So, back to The Original Superheroes. The book opens up to the same sneak peek we saw at the end of The Backup Superhero, nothing new here, but then...we flashback 25 years into the past, to Frank's police days. (Ahem, Frank's origin story).

When we find Frank 25 years in the past, he is in the middle of a police chase, unable to receive backup after chasing a man in a blue Cadillac for ten blocks. After slamming into a pole, the criminal and their hostage disappear leaving him feeling like a failure. Captain Gunther informs him they were unable to find the criminal and the proposed hostage. What's worse is that he comes off as unbothered by the entire situation. This starts the ball rolling when Frank finds himself in medical leave purgatory inside his bachelor-style run-down apartment. Wanting to find answers as to where the hostage was taken and why she hadn't been found, Frank starts an investigation of his own.

Facts about the book:

  1. More about Frank in the future? : As the beginning of The Original Superheroes feels like a mystery book, I am happy to report we will be seeing more of Frank in the future. This will come to readers in the form of a Detective series, which will become more apparent once you finish The Original Superheroes. ( Sorry, no spoilers! )

  2. Why does Frank have an Origin Story? : This is a question I have been asking myself as well. It's hard to explain, but sometimes the characters authors create take their story into their own hands and Frank was one of those people. He was meant to be a loveable supporting character but the more he developed, the more interested I became in him. Especially at the end of The Backup Superhero when he came to Dwighter and Tanser Girls aid.

  3. What's next in the series? : At the end of The Original Superheroes, the next sneak peek is for the grey character in The Backup Superhero universe up until now, Seed. It's called Into the Grey because after he leaves the police force and the Superhero League, he starts to toe the line between good and bad. We see a small glimpse in The Backup Superhero and The Original Superheroes of his technology, but it was barely scratching the surface. In the next book, we will truly get a clearer picture of what Seed is capable of and what dangerous people he has created along the way.

I am so excited to share this book with you and hope you love it as much as I do. There are unique new characters you meet who helped form the Superhero League along with Frank. What I especially enjoyed was seeing Frank make mistakes along the way, to feel more realistic for someone stepping into a totally unknown role.

As a bonus, the Ebook version of The Backup Superhero will be free from Thursday, July 22nd until Saturday, July 24th.