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3 Ways to Grow Your Following on Social Media

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Growing a social media takes time, persistence, and making connections

Having a following on social media to many people means you hold value or that you have something important to say.

Why? Because if you have thousands of followers, they follow you for a reason? Right?

Now the question is, how do you grow your followers on social media?

Here are 3 steps to increasing your social media following:

Content planning

Everyone has something to say, but in all honesty, it comes out better when you have taken the time to plan it out.

Content planning is one of the best ways to ensure you are producing new content or building on topics that have already resonated with your audience.

Taking time to plan out a few days of social media posts or blog topics ahead of time not only cuts down your production time in the future but also helps you keep track of the content you’ve created.


  • Try making a web of ideas and branch off ideas for content

  • Keep track of what content does well and what doesn’t for future content

  • If a topic does well, try to think of ways to expand on this topic or to dive deeper

Engaging with your audience

Sounds like a no-brainer, but too many people forget to do this.

Take the time to respond to comments on your posts, interact with other people’s posts, and share what others have to say.

By doing this, you show people that you value what they have to say which goes a long way.


  • Pay attention to what people are commenting on your posts and try to start conversations or thank them for responding

  • If you find someone else’s post helpful, share it. If you’re on a platform like X, quote-tweet it and tell people you found it useful

Frequent posting

People who post 3 to 4 times a day are more likely to stay in their audience’s social media feed.

When you post more frequently, you make your content more accessible to people who are on the platform at different times of the day, therefore increasing your chance of visibility.


  • Pay attention to the time of day your audience is active and plan to post in this window of active time, which will increase the chances they see your content

  • Try posting longer posts with shorter chunks of writing to break it up. Following the 1–3–1 sentence structure guideline is helpful. (One sentence, three sentences, and then one sentence.)

Building a following online takes time.

It’s important to remember to:

  • Plan out your content

  • Start conversations with your audience

  • Post your content frequently