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Woes of Writing

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Every writer has experienced these 5 woes at some point in their writing career or at least most of us have.

  1. Writers Block: You had inspiration yesterday. You were able to write without stopping, proud of all you had accomplished. Now here you are staring at your screen unsure of where it went. Running into such a problem can leave you feeling less confident. Thankfully there are tons of ways to spark this again. You can use prompts to job your creativity, bounce ideas off other writers, or even a good old-fashioned binge-watch of your favorite show.

  2. Editing, editing, editing: When have you truly finished editing? You pour over your words again and again tweaking this and that only to find something else you can change. This is when it's time to take a step back and have a new set of eyes look over your hard work.

  3. Missing something: After all of the hard work you poured into your book and having someone else read it, it still doesn't feel finished. Something feels like it's missing. As difficult as this is to admit, going back through your book and outlining it can help you determine what you need for it to be complete.

  4. Bad reviews: Being a writer means growing a thicker skin to criticism, however, who really enjoys getting a bad review on something they worked so hard to create. In the event that you receive a negative review, take it and improve from it. There are times when someone will tell you what they didn't like and what they would have liked to see. This can be used as a note to improve your writing in the long run.

  5. Believability: Will your readers be interested in your story? Have you sucked in their attention as you hoped you would?