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Why do we write?

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As long as people have been around stories and tales have been passed down from generation to generation. Stories that range from family history to tales that engage children’s imagination. We learn most of our history through the written word. The art of writing and storytelling is the way that we learn and we remember.

If you as a writer ever question what the importance of writing your story is or why we write, we write to engage others. We write to put our thoughts onto paper. We write to ensure that others know important stories that need to be passed on. There is a story inside all of us that needs to be told and I hope that you someday choose to tell it.

When you put your work into the world, someone, somewhere will connect to it. How can your writing engage or help someone?

  1. Connection: The story that you are writing matters to someone, somewhere. You may not know it, but the things you intend to connect with your readers make a huge impact as well as the little things. Occasionally the smallest details also touch the hearts of your readers allowing them to connect on a whole different level.

  2. Hope: When you can write something that resonates with another person so much that they can know exactly what you meant, what you dealt with, or how you feel, that is a powerful thing. Imagine a writer who had gone through a journey to battle and beat cancer. Many people on some level have dealt specifically with this at some point in their life and would find a story like this inspiring and even give them hope.

  3. Information: Many people without even knowing it are experts in something. If they could take the time to place this information in a way that others could learn from it too, how helpful could this be?

Writing is the best way to connect with someone and one of the bravest things you can do to put your thoughts out there. What you write is important, this is why you should keep doing it.