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Being An Author Is More Than Just Writing

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The difference between a writer and an author is vast

Writing is such a freeing and brave act.

The dedication and creativity it craves to spin words into a story take skill. And many writers write for the sheer enjoyment of writing, never wanting to take the next step to share it with an audience, which is completely fine. But for those who take the next step, the difference between author and writer is bigger than you think.

Because an author wears numerous hats in order to get their book from a dream to a finished product in the hands of readers.

What hats do they wear?

  • Marketing

  • Editing

  • Media Consultant

  • Designer

  • Researcher

Accompanying these hats are job descriptions that are required to gain an audience for your book and help build your audience.

What are the roles an author takes on?

  • Finding a reliable pool of alpha and beta readers

  • Building an audience for your book

  • Consistently posting content on social media

  • Engaging with your potential audience

  • Researching keywords, titles, and covers in your genre

  • Finding ARC readers at release time

  • Creating a website that matches your color scheme across social media

  • Creating a process to publish (Creating a Process Removes the Uncertainty of Self-Publishing)

  • Marketing your work

This is because becoming an author means you are beginning to build a career.

When building a career as an author, you are going to develop more content to keep your audience engaged. An audience you are continuously working to develop. But this is the next step necessary in establishing yourself.

And once move past the writer stage, the authorship stage can be just as rewarding.