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The Picture Book Dandelion is Almost Here

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We are just a week away from Dandelion's release date and I have been working tirelessly to create great stuff for Dandelion's readers.

Up until the release date of Dandelion so far, I have been working around the clock to create tons of videos, activities, and buzz for my new picture book, Dandelion.

Just this past week, I drove around my area and delivered 8 Dandelion Learning Kits to childcare centers, and mailed one to the UK and Nebraska. These Dandelion Learning Kits included:

  • Matching game with scenes from the book

  • Teacher lesson and center planning sheet based on the book

  • Lifecycle cards for the characters that appear in the book such as Pansy flowers, Heather flowers, and Dandelions

  • Informational posters that can be hung in a classroom of Pansy flowers, Heather flowers, and Dandelion, as well as what flowers need to grow.

  • Social- Emotional Idea based on Dandelions emotions

  • The Paperback/ Ebook of Dandelion

  • Pansy Seeds

  • A reusable nap sack so the kits can then double as parent take-home bags for families

And better yet, I also have managed to book some events as a guest reader where I will be facilitating activities with readers too. One of the biggest events taking place at Adamstown elementary school on March 2nd, where I will be working with 100 kids! How cool!

But, the good thing for Dandelion readers as well, is that I have created some online assets you can access right at home!

You can download the Dandelion Learning Kit and print it at home here (and the kit is free!):


You can hear the book read aloud here:


See how to make Dandelion here:


Created small Merchandise items here:


My main goal for Dandelion is for it to get into the hands of young readers.

If you are a parent or a teacher, I really hope that all of the additional resources I have created for Dandelion help you enjoy Dandelion with your young reader.

Dandelion's release date is February 3rd, 2023!