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Querying Fatigue

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If you're a writer, chances are you know all about querying fatigue.

The sad truth

Despite your characters, amazing storyline, and your writing style, it's all up to chance in the querying world.

After research, crafting, and more research, the average writer will probably send out near a hundred queries. That is a lot when you consider crafting each query letter to the specific agent. As tired as we are as writers searching for a champion to represent our book, agents are just as tired from tracking marketing trends, writing styles, and manuscript wishlists.

The sad truth is, despite all the hard work put in, the whole process of traditional publishing is purely subjective.

Why do we feel querying fatigue?

Each one of us sends out these queries with all our hopes and dreams in tow, ready to start the waiting game.

When I first started querying for my contemporary romance, I sent 289 queries. That is a ton! Each time I sent one, I checked my email several times a day for replies.

Unfortunately, not every book is going to be picked up right away.

There are going to be copy and paste declines, more thoughtful declines, and then the worst, no replies at all. However, despite all of that, you will work to soldier on.

But, the reality of all of this is, this endless cycle becomes tiresome.

The shine wears off

After numerous declines, the shininess of a potential book deal wears off.

It's hard to keep going when you keep finding out that people in the industry aren't interested in your hard work. It just is. We writers hold our stories and our characters very close to our hearts, but we need to grow that tough skin for the whole process of querying. I say this because not everyone is going to love your work and that is okay!

The real facts

Here are the real facts:

  • You will find your champion, even if it takes 300 queries. There is someone out there!

  • Not everyone is going to love your work. Not every agent, not every publisher, and not every reader. That is just the truth.

  • If your heart is set on Traditional publishing, put on your armor and keep your head held high, it's a long way until the end but worth it.

  • Don't let declines get you down. ( I know it's hard.)

The whole publishing industry is purely subjective and they are always looking for unique ideas with great stories and relatable characters. And the truth is, most stories have elements of this. It will happen someday. Keep the faith.