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How your writing progresses, making yourself accountable

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Think back to the previous day, week, or month. How many words did you put down on paper? If you have to really think about it or you feel guilty about how your progress has been, now is the time to reassess.

What is getting in the way of writing? I admit, the real world is busy and many times takes priority to my writing. A busy job, young toddlers running around the house, lack of inspiration? The reasons that our writing slumps is often a long list.

So, what's the answer? Taking it a step at a time. The truth of the matter is, progress is progress. Whether its your lunch break, using Reedsy to write on your phone as a mom who gets a second in the bathroom (hey, don't judge, it happens!), or writing in a notebook each night before bed; taking the time to write anything is going to keep your creativity flowing.

It's harder than you think to start writing after having a long dry spell. Even writing a short story can keep your practice up and help keep ideas flowing.

The point of all my yammering is, the success of your writing is on your shoulders. If you don't carve the time out of your busy schedule to do it, then when is it going to happen?