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Ways to Expand on Characters

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As I work through the process of finding a content and grammar editor I find myself thinking of what other projects I would like to start after my current series An Outliers Tale is over. I have some ideas tossed around yet as I sit down to brainstorm some ideas I find that I am still attached to some of my older characters. As I wrote these stories I found myself becoming very fond of them so I got to thinking, how could I keep them alive or expand on their story?

Short Stories: I found that when I wrote short stories centered around telling some more about these characters, that I was able to get to know them a little more and let the readers know a little more. Not only this, but I was able to talk more about the universe that my characters lived in. I was able to create short stories off of 5 characters. This not only created more content but allowed me as the writer to hold onto them a little longer.

A new book: Did you have a particular character that you wished you could have given more of a spotlight on? Give them their own book! I could name one or two characters that would have a very interesting story to tell.

Social Media and Fan Ideas: If you have a decent following on social media, wouldn’t it be cool to have a contest or a challenge to create a cool plot or small short story for one of your characters? This also lets you see what characters your readers love as well as what possibilities you didn’t even think your characters could have.

I hope these ideas jog your memory and give you some fun and exciting ideas!