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Supporting Indie Authors Should be a Goal

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Indie Authors struggle to be seen among the traditionally published books and just a crowded market

Being an author at all is tough in terms of ensuring that your audience discovers your book.

In order for an author’s audience to find them, authors dedicate time to researching ways to market their book.

They look for:

  • Keywords

  • Trends

  • Design and layout techniques for images

  • Color schemes

And despite all of this time and research, there is still only a chance that it will pay off in drawing in their target audience.

However, in addition to all the time and research, it also takes a budget in order to run advertisements.

These advertisements show up when people are shopping and tie into keywords that are used in the shopper’s search.

Unfortunately, these advertisements can cost from $50 to thousands of dollars to run. And, until authors get the feel for ads and how they work, they can be unsuccessful. This means that in the beginning, authors are running short ads at a low budget to test the waters, but this often doesn’t result in much.

And this is precisely where it becomes difficult for Indie Authors.

Not only are Indie Authors often operating on a smaller budget than traditionally published authors, but they are also competing against thousands of other Indie Authors who are publishing every day.

Indie Authors are sadly at a huge disadvantage in terms of their scope and reach when it comes to engaging with their target audience.

Having all that information, you may wonder, how can you help Indie Authors?

  • Purchase Indie Books

  • Leave reviews for Indie Books

  • Tell other people about Indie Books

  • Share their posts on social media

  • Follow Indie Authors on Amazon

  • Ask for their books at your local library

These may seem like small and simple things, but if more readers do them, the impact can be huge.