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How to Prepare for an Author Event

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A book signing or author event can make a huge impact on an author’s career

In the weeks leading up to a big author event, planning needs to take place to ensure that it’s going to go well.

Authors should be doing everything they can to promote not only themselves at said event, but the vendor of the event as well.

For example, I am attending a Local Author Event at Lititz Public Library on November 4th, 2023. And knowing that we need to work together to ensure its success, I did a few things.

  1. Reached out to ask them for any marketing materials so that I could create fliers to post around my area.

  2. Shared with my followers weeks up to the event.

  3. Posted about the benefits that the Lititz Public Library has for its patrons.

By taking these steps, I am working to promote my vendor to ensure that we both benefit from the event.

Now to prepare myself for the event, I need to plan my own marketing for the event and materials.

In order to plan for my upcoming event, I prepared the following:

  • Designed bookmarks and business cards to be printed to hand out for free at the event

  • Planned a giveaway to be chosen from a list of people who chose to subscribe to my newsletter

  • Ordered multiple copies of 4 of my books to be sold at the event

  • Created fliers and marketing materials to post on social media and around my community

By taking these steps, I provided more incentive for my audience to come to the event and prepared myself to the best of my ability.

When you prepare properly for an author event, then you are taking steps in the right direction to ensure the event goes well.