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Secret Resource for Children's Book Authors

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Authors who want to get their books into classrooms shouldn’t overlook Teachers-Pay-Teachers.com

Having been a preschool teacher for 9 years, I have the fortune to know some tricks teachers use to get learning resources.

A little-known resource for children’s book authors is the website Teachers-Pay-Teachers.com. This is a website where teachers and other people in the field create and post learning resources for purchase. Some items range from free individual items to bundles for a set price.

As a creator, you can set field requirements to help your items be found.

Such as:

  • Age/ grade

  • Subject (Math, literacy, science, and so on)

  • Type of item (Printable, assessment, worksheet, and so on)

  • Type of file (PDF, Epub, Word)

  • Provide a preview or video of the item

  • Great description

For my book, Dandelion, I created a learning kit consisting of numerous items for children to work through, with an age in mind, preschool.

I made sure they were in easy-to-download files and accompanied them with instructions.

This would ensure that whoever downloaded or purchased my learning resources would be able to understand how to use them. And I also indicated which ones would be good for reuse and which ones would most likely be a one-time activity.

Here are examples of what I sell:

Lifecycle cards

A matching game

If you decide to place your items on Teachers-Pay-Teachers.com, I highly suggest you do so for free, unless you are offering your book with it. This will be the best way to encourage the use of your book and learning activities in classrooms.

Here is what my items look like on Teachers-Pay-Teachers.com:


The only items I have listed with a price are the Ebook which I uploaded a PDF of and the bundle which contains all of my learning items and a link to buy the paperback.

So far, I have had numerous kits purchased and items downloaded, which is encouraging.

My hope is to help more indie authors with children's books to get their content seen by their target audience, and making learning materials to accompany it can help.

Be sure to create quality activities, research if needed, and quality images. This is going to perk interest and ensure your content is seen.

And last but not least, spread the word about your items.