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What Aspects Help Your Engagement on Social Media?

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Talking to people on social media is how you grow your audience, but the question is, what things are going to grab their attention?

I have talked in a few posts about how important it is to engage and start conversations on social media in order to grow your audience, but now the question is, how?

If this is a question that you have, you aren’t alone.

There are many other people out there asking this exact same question. Because it really is a game of trial and error to see what is going to catch people's attention. But, once you figure out what your main niche is going to be, it gets easier.

What do I mean by niche?

A niche is a specific topic that is going to grab a particular audience. And the content that you create for social media is typically going to revolve around one topic or under an umbrella of similar topics. This means you want to choose something that you already are interested in and are willing to expand your knowledge on.

Once you figure out what your niche is for the content you will create, you now need to know what types of aspects are going to draw attention to your posts.

Create something shareable

If you can create something that people want to show to other people, then you have something great.

These range from informational tweet threads to infographics, to interesting questions about your niche accompanied with facts. Using posts like these not only gets people commenting, but it also gets people sharing for others to see. Because not only is the information you are giving relevant but so are the comments of other people on it.

And don’t hesitate to tell people to share it.


Follow Trends

If something is trending in your topic or niche, it is a great time for you to be posting about it.

Why? Because your audience is already looking for more information on the subject and it is going to increase your traffic. And if you do it right and offer different perspectives, you can increase your shares.

I did this when problems began with Twitter, Twitter Dilemmas For The Writing World.

Create Your Own Images

Never underestimate your own abilities.

With a little tinkering and research on composition, you too can make wonderful images to accompany your posts. And it’s proven that posts with images do better than posts without. This is because it catches your audience's eye.

You can use Pexels.com and Upsplash.com for free stock images, and you can use services such as Canva.com and Vismo.com for sizing and composing your images.

For more information on Rule Of Thirds in Design, see career foundry.com.

Images I have created with Canva.com

Stay On Top of Your Posts

As important as it is to post several times a day to stay in front of your audience, it’s even more important to respond to the people that comment on your posts.

By doing so, you are showing that you value what they have to say. This goes a long way and allows you to build long-standing relationships.


Captivate Your Audience

A wonderful way to grab your audience is to tell them in a way that they can relate to.

Do you have a personal story to share that will give them an inside perspective? Do you have first-hand tips to share that can show you really know what you're talking about because you experienced it?

Even telling the information in story form is a great way to pull in your audience.

I did so in, I Lost Thousands Publishing My Book.

Figuring out the different ways to draw in your audience can feel daunting, but in the end, if you dig in and give it a try, great things can come from it.