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What's Happening with The Backup Superhero Series?

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For fans of The Backup Superhero Series, there has been a lot of news recently, so I thought that I should give you all a little more information.

Where to start?

As much as I loved the uniqueness of The Backup Superhero Series' covers, in order to draw in a larger audience, I decided it was time to update and upgrade the covers. And, it's known that photos of people or more real-life images help to sell books, so I did just that.

The Backup Superhero

The Original Superheroes

The Backup Who Cried Wolf

The Backup Superhero Collection

Satisfied with how these covers turned out, I decided that readers of this series also needed a little something to hold them over until fall, when Into the Grey releases, for this series.

This short story was actually created with the intent of entering it into a writing contest but I felt that this story would be better suited as a free story for readers. And better yet, it focuses back on the character who started the series, Tanser Girl.

What is it about?

Set not long after the secrets of Level A Superhero Goffman are revealed, Tanser Girl fails to catch a criminal and he turns out to be a bigger threat to the superhero league than anyone imagined. And as a result, Tanser Girl will go in as herself, under her secret identity.

This story not only sheds light on how the rest of the other branches of governing law enforcement view superheroes but will also open doors for Tanser Girl later on.

This short story will be available on all platforms for FREE on April 28th.