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3 Ways Authors Can Reuse Their Book Research

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Too often book research is used for the content of the book and not reused in 3 other practical ways

Doing our due diligence as authors regarding fact-checking and research when developing a believable and sturdy story is a must.

During the span of developing and writing your book, it is inevitable that you are going to need to conduct some research to ensure that the story is believable and correct. But something that many writers aren’t doing is saving this information for later. Authors should consider creating a research file for each book and placing all their information there for later.

However, sometimes authors aren’t realizing the full potential this research can have.

Although it's hard to believe, there is a wide range of readers who would consider your book research interesting if you applied it to other areas of your arch in publishing your novel. And some readers would find that it adds value not only to the book but you as an author for sharing it. So the question is, how else can this book research be applied?

Bonus content

Believe it or not, having a small bonus content section at the back of your book where you include some facts and additional information is a cool find.

For example, if you are writing a historical novel based on the time period of 1870, you could include a map of the landscape and territories of the area that your book is based. Because the chances are, readers of this genre will also be interested and may even go back through your book to reference it afterward.

Maps aren’t the only bonus content you can use, even if they are cool.

Perhaps your bonus content is related to the profession of your character. Adding images of people in this profession and what these people did on a daily could also be interesting to readers.

The type of bonus content you can create is based on the type of research you have conducted.

Here is an example of the bonus content for the Backup Superhero series


Who would have thought that this research could prove useful in terms of marketing?

Well, there are numerous ways that you can use this to draw readers in.

Creating images with facts based on the location of the book

Something I created for my upcoming book

Character mockups with facts about their personality and profession

Timelines for your book where you can add the surrounding historical events based on your book's timeline

Release a fact about the book a week until the book is released paired with an image of your book or characters

Interviews and Blog Tours

When you begin to schedule your blog tours and appearances, it will be so helpful to have portions of your book research noted so you can share them.

This will give people insight into the book and allow them to build interest in your book. And revealing how this research is being used to create that bonus content that we talked about earlier doesn’t hurt either.

Book research is more useful than many authors know, they just need to know how they can use it.

Whatever research you conduct should always be cited correctly and given the proper credit. And if you miss this step, readers will question it. And it’s plagiarism.

Save your research notes, figure out ways you can build upon these notes to create bonus content and marketing tools and you can help build momentum for your book in no time.