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How Book Trailers Pull in an Audience

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Book trailers are a different way to pull in an audience because they showcase your book in a different way

Creating a book trailer can take a learning curve, but once you finally get the hang of it, you can create visuals that pull your audience in.

Book trailers can be made with various programs, such as:

When you are deciding on the elements to ensure that your book trailer is the best it could be, take these elements into consideration.

Images and Clips

The quality of the images and clips that you include is going to make a difference to the viewer.

For example, Canva.com has stock videos and photos that you can use in your videos to help them feel professional. Once you have chosen the types of images that you will include, it's then time to decide how long they will be displayed in your video and if the video clips will run at a fast or slow frame rate.

Transitions and Animations

The transitions you place between the images or videos will make a difference in the flow of your book trailer.

If you need an example, be sure to do some market research by viewing other people's book trailers. Do their images and videos flow nicely together? Do you find any sections choppy or clunky? Take these questions into consideration for your own book trailer.

In addition to transitions, animations and effects are also a big part of your book trailers flow.

If your trailer has any text, how is it presented? Do they flow into the video? Do they fade out?

It is important to remember that too much animation or effects in your video can overwhelm your audience and take away from the point of the trailer altogether.

Music and Sound

Adding a light soundtrack to your trailer can elevate your video nicely.

Many programs have soundtracks or instrumental pieces that you can add to your trailer and give it an extra something. However, be sure that your sounds aren't too loud that they take away from the viewing experience.

Whatever you decide to do for your video, be sure if you are adding it to a place such as YouTube, that you add a cover image and an ending image.

Here are some examples of my book trailers:

Anywhere Else

They Walk Among Us Anthology