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Small Ways to Help Writers

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Sometimes the small things are actually the big things

The career of a writer isn’t one that pays the bills, but a hobby that builds into a small income over time.

So, many readers will often wonder how else they can help.

  1. Sharing on social media:

Believe it or not, sharing what you’re reading on social media is super effective in gaining the author more readers. Word of mouth is one of the best marketing techniques.

Even sharing the posts of an author to your social media feed could draw readers to their author profile page.

2. Request ARC copies

Many authors are looking for readers who are willing to read their books and review them. And authors are often looking to give readers an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for a review right after the book is released.

Take a chance and message the author, letting them know you’re interested in the new book they have been talking about, and if they are looking for ARC readers, you’d be happy to help.

3. Attend Book Events

Authors will host giveaways, book signings at stores, and more.

Be sure to keep up to date with their events and attend. Believe it or not, not many readers attend book signings for authors who are upcoming.

4. Leave a Review

One of the most overlooked ways to help an author is by leaving a book review.

It doesn’t matter how big it is either, even just a simple star rating will do. Because what you thought of the book matters to potential readers who come across your review.

And when you leave a review, it's even better if you share it on social media.

5. Show your Fandom

If you are a fan of an author, showing your support is following all of the above.

You can even go a step further and join a street team for the author, which is a team that helps promote the author, especially during the book lunch period.

6. Request the Books You Want

If there is an author you want to read and you want to help them further their readership, there are ways to do so.

The first is by requesting it at your local library. This not only allows you to read it affordably but helps other readers find this author as well.

And second, if you shop at local bookstores, you can sometimes talk to the store owner and ask if they would be interested in carrying the author in their store.

There are so many authors out there waiting to be discovered.

If you have managed to find an author that you enjoy reading, one of the best things you can do is tell others about them.