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Why Authors Should Consider Small Steps as Large Steps

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More often, authors feel as if the small steps or tasks don’t matter, but they do

In the short windows between writing, many writers may feel as if they aren’t accomplishing anything.

When in reality, these windows where authors are achieving small tasks are more valuable than they realize.

By this, it’s in regard to engaging in conversations on social media. By this, it’s in regard to brainstorming your next plot move. And by this, it's in regard to restoring your creativity.

Even on the days when an author can feel as if they aren’t accomplishing anything, they are accomplishing something they aren’t aware of.

Now, this isn’t to say that scrolling through social media as a brain break is always the answer, but taking solace in the fact that you are helping yourself is key.

No one can run full steam ahead without taking time to recharge.

And this means that sometimes, replacing your big writing chunks on your work-in-progress of two thousand words with talking through a plot problem in a social media post is what you need. Meaning that we can find ourselves making progress in unexpected ways.

What progress looks like without feeling like it is progress:

  • Experimenting with cover designs

  • Researching for books, the market, or new tools

  • Having conversations and connecting on social media

  • Creating social media content

  • Writing down ideas

  • Mapping characters, plot, and locations

When it comes down to what progress looks like as an author, remember that each thing you do is a stepping stone to your own success.

Even on days when you feel as if you can’t accomplish something huge, try to focus on something smaller that you can accomplish.

Doing so will put your slower days into more focus and help you plan for these periods of time.