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The Learning Kit for Dandelion

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One of the advantages I have as a children's picture book author is that I was a preschool teacher for 9 years.

This means that I know what learning activities based on a book are going to be the most beneficial for both children and teachers.

So, after working on my latest children's book Dandelion for 2 years (mostly on the illustrations), I am happy to say that I have set a release date for February 3rd, 2023, and created some wonderful activities. Some select childcare centers have signed up to receive a free learning kit that works with Dandelion.

This learning kit will receive:

  • A free copy of Dandelion

  • Lifecycle cards for all of the plants that appear in the book

  • Matching game with scenes from the book

  • Packet of Seeds

  • Social-emotional activity with expressions and feelings of Dandelion

  • Informational posters

  • Lesson plan idea activity sheet for teachers

  • Master copies of the activities

And the best part is that these will be ready to go for teachers to use upon receiving them.

After Dandelion is released, the activities will be available on my website for purchase in which customers can download a PDF to print the activities. (Price to be determined)

If you are a parent or teacher interested in learning more about the Dandelion Learning Kit, check out the video that shows each of the items that will be inside.

Dandelion Learning Kit