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31 Lessons I’ve Learned By My 31st Birthday

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Today is my 31st birthday meaning I’ve learned at least 31 useful lessons about life

  1. Bigger isn’t always better: You don’t always need the biggest and best thing to achieve happiness.

  2. Find joy in the small things: Some of my best memories have come from the smallest moments in life. Enjoy them, even if they are fleeting.

  3. Being comfortable in your own skin takes time: It took YEARS to be comfortable with who I am, which meant taking time to love me for who I am.

  4. Don’t change yourself for others: This is perhaps the hardest lesson I learned. If someone loves you, they should love you for you.

  5. Life is too short to keep ties with toxic people: Relationships have their ups and downs, but if they make you feel terrible, it’s best to let them go.

  6. Anything worth having takes work: If you want something bad enough, put in the work and it will happen.

  7. Make sure to take breaks: Sometimes doing nothing is actually doing a whole lot for yourself.

  8. Never give up on your dreams: Even if you don’t achieve them until you’re 90 years old, go for it.

  9. Be positive: As hard as it may seem, being the glass is half full type of person actually pays off.

  10. Treat everyone with kindness: No matter their profession or personality, kindness wins in the end.

  11. Family isn’t always blood: Family is what you make it whether this is friends or blood.

  12. Rainy days are useful: They provide time for us to renew ourselves and unwind.

  13. If you have a good idea, write it down

  14. Take time for yourself because no one else is going to make you do it

  15. Ensuring you are following your own dreams instead of fulfilling those of others means that you will live life without regrets

  16. Lifting other people up will only bring more good to the world

  17. It's often the case that those who tear others down are envious are jealous

  18. Take the time to rest, but never stop completely

  19. Empires have never been built in a day, so rushing to accomplish something huge isn’t the solution

  20. Good food is something that replenishes the soul

  21. If you have good coffee, you can do anything

  22. Remember that tough times are but blips in your lives timeline, don’t let them take over

  23. Take a moment to ask yourself, am I happy with how life is going, every day and you will always keep your own goals and values in check

  24. Hold your friends and family close because tomorrow is never promised

  25. Age is just a number

  26. True friends are there for the ugly and the beautiful moments

  27. Give as much support as you get

  28. Continuing to hold onto toxic relationships only hurts you in the end

  29. Pasta, pizza, and bread may be bad for you, but they are the tastiest foods out there

  30. Taking the time to learn something new is brave

  31. If I am able to learn something new every year, I’ll count it as a blessing