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The Return Authors See When More Content is Available to Readers

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The more work that you accumulate under your name, the more revenue and return readers you begin to see

Now that I have been writing professionally since 2014, I have found ways to diversify my brand.

By this I mean, spreading out my work through different types of media such as courses, how-to books, low-content products, writing on Medium, and creating promotional content on Fivver for other authors.

All of these other options under my brand helped breathe a small chunk of change into my book budget—the budget I set aside for editing, advertisements, and more. And with this new budget, I helped set up for myself, I could pay for professional editing which led to releasing more books. Nearly nine to be exact.

When you work to create numerous varying types of content, you open up the possibility for readers to return and your revenue to become more consistent.

This past week, for example, I saw this specifically with my books when I decided to run a free book promotion on Amazon Kindle for The Backup Superhero.

It not only did well but pushed some success onto my other books.

So, what happened?

I ran a free promotion on Thursday for The Backup Superhero and The Original Superheroes.

I was astounded at how well my promotion did and how this one free book lead to sales of my other products.

On Friday, I only ran a free promotion for The Backup Superhero and this was how it did.

On the second day, I had readers take even more free copies of The Backup Superhero than the day before, and people still took paid copies of my other books.

What I have learned with creating content is that the more content you have available, the more chances you have to make a sale.

The biggest thing to remember is that this doesn’t happen overnight.

Creating a body of work takes time, planning, and dedication. However, once you build it, one book can lead to multiple sales once readers look around. And once that starts to happen, your revenue can start to grow.

If you want to start growing your body of work so that you can start maintaining long-term revenue, start planning.

Every writer has ideas for books, so your first step is to write down all your book ideas. Once this is done, create a timeline and goals for each of these in terms of writing and releasing them. Doing this simple task can help pave a future for building a body of work.

Once you become a seasoned writer, you can start to explore other avenues of revenue.

This typically comes from time and the experience you gain and can look like these:

  • Teaching courses on writing, publishing, creating promotions, and more.

  • Creating images, covers, and banners for other authors.

  • Editing and proofreading services.

  • How-to books on areas you are skilled in.

  • Merchandise.

Adding these to your body of work then takes a body of work and transforms it into a brand around yourself as an author.

As I said before, this all takes time.

Take the time, put in the work, and don’t give up.

It often takes three or four books before authors start to see consistent income. This is because readers start to take you seriously and because readers can jump from one book to another.

Remember that it takes time to instill trust with a reader base and to keep creating content to see success.